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This Privacy Policy explains how Clever Vet Limited (“Clever Vet”, “we”, or “us”) collects, stores, uses, and disclosed personal information that you provide to us when accessing or using the Clever Vet website (“the Site”, or “Site”). This Privacy Policy is subject to and must be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions.

What information is collected?

Clever Vet collects both personal and aggregate information when using the Site.

Personal information is collected when creating an account, where you will require a valid email address, and when submitting various web forms such as completing your profile or when posting an advertisement. You may choose not to provide personal information to us, however this may limit the availability of certain features on the Site that require personal information to be submitted for their use.

Aggregate information is collected automatically whenever anyone visits the site. This information is anonymous in it’s collection and is for the purpose of monitoring the site’s usage and statistics. It also includes but is not limited to the use of cookies and sessions.

Storage and Removal

All information collected on the Site is held by Clever Vet Limited (NZBN: 9429048119054). We will take all reasonable efforts to ensure the protection of personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorised disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

We will store personal information for as long as you have an active account. Once you have deactivated your account we will retain the information we have collected for a period of time that enables us to maintain our records for the purposes of financial analysis and/or audit. Once we no longer require your information for these purposes we will delete it from our servers.


The Site uses the personal information collected for the purposes of generating publicly visible advertisements. Any personal information that you do not wish to publicly disclose should not be included during the creation of an advertisement or subsequent editing. After advertisements have been deleted from the “Ad Manager” section of your account they will no longer by publicly visible, however as detailed above the contents of the advertisement will be stored by us for record keeping purposes.

We may use personal information collected by the Site for the purposes of direct marketing. In such instances it will be made clear your ability to opt-out of future marketing communications.

We may also use personal information internally for the purposes of product development. In such instances the information will be subject to the strict confidentiality of Clever Vet, and any third party who participates in such use will also be subjected to a Confidentiality Agreement which restricts the use of the information to these purposes only.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We do not disclose personal information collected on the site other than as displayed in user generated advertisements. Users are not required to disclose personal contact information on advertisements even if such information has already been provided to the site through their account.

Personal information collected on the site will only be disclosed to third parties if you have authorised us to do so, if we believe it is reasonably necessary to assist a law enforcement agency in the performance of their duties, if we are required by law to disclose the information, or in instances previously mentioned in this document.

Third Party Features and Links

Clever Vet includes a number of third party features, including but not limited to social media share buttons and the Google Maps API. These features may collect additional information from you such as your IP address, which pages you visit on the Site, and the duration spent on each page. Using these third party features may also grant those platforms access to additional personal information you have associated with their respective site/s and/or platform/s.

These third party websites and platforms are governed by separate privacy policies and we are not responsible for the actions of these third parties. By using the site you are agreeing to the relevant privacy policies of these third parties in relation to these features.

The Site may contain hyperlinks to third party websites. We do not have control over these websites and are not responsible for the use of any such hyperlinks on the Site. If you choose to use such hyperlinks you will be subject to the privacy policies of these external websites.

Changes to these Policies

We reserve the right to change our privacy policies at any time. These changes will appear on this page and will take immediate effect. It is your responsibility to ensure you remain up-to-date on our policies by checking this page regularly for changes.

Contact Details

If you wish to contact us in regards to this Privacy Policy or for any other enquiries, please email us at