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Why should I use CleverVet?

Traditional employment websites that charge you a monthly fee to post your ad don’t have any incentive to fill your vacant position. In fact, it’s in their best interest to keep your ad up for as long as possible to maximise their profit margin.

This has led to an employment paradigm where all jobs look and sound the same, making it incredibly difficult for job seekers to find the best match for their unique career path. This sets clinics up for failure, as they are much more likely to hire someone who isn’t a good fit for them either. For job seekers, if this pattern happens enough times, they leave the industry altogether further shallowing the pool of candidates.

CleverVet ad tiles have been designed just how job seekers like them. We encourage employers and employees to connect for free to find the best match.

Don’t take this personally, but it’s not in our best interest to keep your ad on our servers forever. We want to help you find the best possible match, so you can get off our site.

For Employers

Innovative ad service
Create modern job ads yourself within minutes using a simple step-by-step walkthrough.

Unlimited ads, Unlimited edits, No time limits
Create an ad for each open position and modify as often as needed. Ads stay up until you take them down.

Clinic Data and Metrics
Highlight your best features to stand out from the crowd. Track your ad views in real time.

Opt-in Promotions
Ads can be promoted to target job seekers in your area by using their current location.

Recieve applications directly
No recruiters, no middlemen, and especially no placement fees.

Need to fill a shift quickly?
Search our database of available talent in your area completely free.

For Job Seekers

Search our global database of opportunities
Find your next full-time position, travelling locum gig, or go volunteer overseas.

Perfect for locums!
Search for positions that include accommodation and flight packages. Book casual work and keep control of your schedule while travelling.

Compare clinic metrics
Easily compare clinic equipment, facilities, staff ratios and job benefits to find your ideal work environment.

Free work wanted ads
Define your salary and let prospective employers in your area find you!

Communicate directly with employers
We believe in transparency. No recruiters, no middlemen and especially no placement fees.

Create a free account
Get instant access to CleverVet Messenger and shortlist your favourite opportunities.

How do I use CleverVet?

Just click “Post a free ad” and follow the prompts. If you know who you are then it should only take a few minutes.

How does the search algorithm work?

Clever Best
- Targets the user’s location and displays the 9 nearest Clever Best ads on the home page.
- The user sees these ads first in search results and first in similar ad suggestions.
- Increases the search radius of results by 150km.
- For example, searching for jobs in Margaret River, Western Australia will display all the Clever Best ads within 150km, then Clever Next ads in Margaret River, then Free ads in Margaret River.

Clever Next
- No location targeting.
- The user sees these ads before free search results and before free ads in similar ad suggestions.

Free Forever
- No location targeting.
- Listed from newest to oldest.

My Ad Manager shows applications have been submitted for a job ad I posted, however I haven’t received any emails.

Sometimes these emails get incorrectly flagged as junk mail or spam, so make sure you check these folders to avoid embarrassment. If you still can’t find the applications, please contact us and we’ll resend these emails and make sure you get them.

I’ve cancelled my ad promotion but it’s still showing as promoted?

You get your money’s worth, so if you cancel a promotion before the end of the paid promotion week then we make sure to keep the ad promoted until the expiry date. Don’t worry, you won’t continue to be charged after cancelling the promotion. The days remaining in the promotion week show up as a daily countdown in your Ad Manager. Once the paid period has passed you’ll be able to re-promote the ad if desired.

I’ve found a bug / I have suggestions on how to improve the site / I have an idea for a future site feature.

Hot dog! Please send all feedback via our contact us page so we can continue to evolve in the coming years. Our vision is to inspire veterinary professionals to continuously redefine industry standards, so don’t be afraid to push the envelope!

What are the requirements for me to work overseas?

You are responsible for ensuring that you are eligible to work in the country of your choice. Not all veterinary degrees are transferable outside of the country the University resides.

Your potential employer is an excellent resource for finding information regarding any further testing, visas and licensing. Please visit the relevant immigration sites and veterinary surgeon boards for the most up-to-date information. The list below is not exhaustive (don’t forget, google is your friend).


Degree Recognition / Licensing


Degree Recognition / Licensing


Degree Recognition / Licensing

New Zealand

Degree Recognition / Licensing


Degree Recognition / Licensing


Degree Recognition / Licensing