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What do Job Seekers want?

Every veterinarian and vet nurse has their own idea of what an ideal clinic environment looks like, and there are no wrong answers!

We created custom ad tiles to display metrics that job seekers most want to know, so they can easily search to find their ideal work environment. This allows clinics to get applicants that are actually a good fit.

In fact, our earliest website data showed us that clinics who displayed their clinic metrics got a whopping 146% more click throughs than clinics that didn’t clearly provide this information. If you want more exposure, clinic metrics are the way to go. 

Quick Statistics

By analysing our site data, we can offer solid advice on how to get more ad views, because more ad views equal more applications!

Here’s the stats:

  1. Ads that have photos get 82% more views than ads that don’t.
  2. Ads that list a defined salary get 76% more views than ads that list an unspecified/negotiable salary.
  3. Ads that complete the clinic metrics (species breakdown, consult time, staff ratios) get 125% more views than ads that don’t.
  4. Ads that have photos, defined salary AND clinic metrics get a whopping 146% more views than ads that only show some or none of these features.

*Figures based on average daily ad views. Data collated from 30/07/2020 to 30/08/2020. These figures will be updated periodically.

What details should I provide to ensure as many click throughs as possible?

List your exact location. Modern employees want to Google your location and visit your clinic website before they will even think about applying to your clinic. If they’re looking to relocate, they will also use your listed location to Google information on the area. If you don’t list a location, you simply don’t get applicants. 

Many job seekers today choose clinics based on location (hence our built-in map feature and location-targeted promotion option!) as they have a defined area that they are willing to commute or relocate to. 


Clinic Description 
This is your time to shine! This space is for you to describe your clinic, and discuss why you're such a great place to work. What is your culture like and what are your clinic core values? What is your client base like? How active are you in the community? What services do you offer that you're particularly proud of? 

In terms of clinic photos, job seekers would like to see a street view of your clinic at the very least. Bonus points if you provide photos of your reception area, consult room, treatment room, surgery and kennels.


Staff Metrics
Some job seekers want to be the sole charge vet of a small town clinic, and others want to work with 30 other vets in an emergency and specialty centre near a major city. There are no wrong answers! Staff ratios are important to job seekers because they help determine the amount of support available from colleagues as well as the clinic social environment, and everyone’s preference is different. 


It’s difficult to sell a car without listing the sale price. It’s equally difficult to find an applicant that will apply to a job without a defined salary, especially in today’s employment market where job seekers are at no loss for job options.  

Modern job seekers want to know exactly how much you value their time and expertise, and don’t often want to negotiate. We recommend listing the exact salary that you feel is fair for the position you’re hiring for. If you’re willing to hire a range of experience levels, and therefore are offering a salary range, the ad walkthrough allows you to do this, but we recommend creating multiple ads with a defined salary for each level of experience. That way, you’re more likely to find a candidate that fits one of these ads really well. Think of it like fishing - you need different types of bait and lures to catch different species of fish!


Consult Time
What’s the average amount of time clinicians have scheduled for each consult? There is no wrong answer to this! Some clinicians thrive in high turnover, 10 minute consults, and some prefer to foster client relationships without the rush. Be honest and upfront so you can find the right applicant who enjoys working under the time pressure you require before you even interview them. 


Species breakdown
This is more important for clinics that see large animals or do a mix of large and small animals. Again, modern employees have their own idea of what they prefer the species breakdown to be, and will actively seek out these clinic based on this. 


Average Daily Clinic Caseload (patients)
This is the total number of animals that come through your front door on a daily basis. Modern job seekers want to know how many cases they will be responsible for on a daily basis. Again, there are no wrong answers! Be as honest as possible so you can find the right applicant who enjoys the caseload pressure you require before you even interview them.


Custom Services, Facilities and Equipment
You can add as many as you like, and the more specific you can be regarding what toys and facilities you have, the better.


Position Description
This is the space for you to describe your ideal candidate, and to describe what the position entails. What type of person is a good fit for your team, and what can your team do for your prospective employee?


Want to make sure you post the perfect ad?

We can do this for you! We charge $200USD for our custom ad creation service, which includes a phone or email consult so we can get to know you and what makes your clinic unique. We'll then create the ideal ad to attract job seekers that are the best fit for your clinic. This cost includes 4 weeks of Clever Best location targeted ad promotion, after which time your ad will revert to the free version.


To organise a phone consult, or if you have any questions or concerns, please click HERE and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 


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