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Why should I use CleverVet?

Traditional employment websites that charge you a monthly fee to post your ad don’t have any incentive to fill your vacant position. In fact, it’s in their best interest to keep your ad up for as long as possible to maximise their profit margin.

This has led to an employment paradigm where all jobs look and sound the same, making it incredibly difficult for job seekers to find the best match for their unique career path. This sets clinics up for failure, as they are much more likely to hire someone who isn’t a good fit for them either. For job seekers, if this pattern happens enough times, they leave the industry altogether further shallowing the pool of candidates.

CleverVet ad tiles have been designed just how job seekers like them. We encourage employers and employees to connect for free to find the best match.

Don’t take this personally, but it’s not in our best interest to keep your ad on our servers forever. We want to help you find the best possible match, so you can get off our site.

Our Company and Vision

CleverVet.com is a free to use, modern employment search engine specific to the veterinary industry. It is designed with the intention of bringing the global community of veterinary professionals together to find the best match for their unique career paths.

Co-founded by a veterinarian who became frustrated using other employment services, our vision is to inspire veterinarians, nurses and clinics to continuously redefine industry standards and to evolve with the changing expectations of veterinary professionals.

Modern employers can find long term, committed talent so they can ultimately spend less time and money looking for and training new staff, and more time and money investing in their business.

Talented employees are able to find a workplace that shares their core values and beliefs, and which fosters a sense of fulfilment and purpose in the use of their lifetime.


Our Products and Services

CleverVet ads can be created and posted live within minutes using a simple step-by-step walthough.

Search results are based on data that talented job seekers actually want to see. 

We believe that charging hundreds of dollars just to copy and paste a few bits of HTML isn’t very cool, so it’s important to us that our core product is absolutely free to use with no strings attached. 


So what does CleverVet.com charge you for?

Employment ads can opt-in to a weekly subscription to get in front of more eyeballs. Promotions target job seekers within your area by using their current location when they visit the site. This way, you can choose how much you want to spend on your employment ads based on how much additional exposure you want, and the additional exposure you get is from a targeted talent pool.